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    Once the Director of Sea View Rehabilitation & Extended Care Community, a facility that's been in his family for over 80 years, Stephen Comley Sr. was drawn to politics after uncovering difficult information about safety plans for his care community in the wake of a nuclear event.


    Having spent over 30 years investigating the Nuclear Regulatory Committee, Stephen Comley Sr. has seen firsthand that there is much more corruption that needs to be reported on than the American people know. Because of this, he founded We The People, a National Whistleblower Non-Profit Organization.

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    How do you determine if you are a Democrat or a Republican? This is a question that many first time voters may ask themselves. Understanding politics can be challenging to any individual, not just a first-time voter. When a person registers to vote, they can register to join a political party. A...
    Inspiring the youth vote, even in general elections, has always been a struggle. The voting participation rate of younger voters in the United States, Britain and Europe lags significantly behind the older voting population and the trend has gotten worse over the past few decades. Had Britain’s...
    Over the past decade, youth-led movements have raised awareness and brought social change to many crucial issues in our country. Increasingly, schools are welcoming peaceful protests and demonstrations as part of the students’ personal and professional leadership development. There are many...
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